How to Create a Comiker

The Transformation
of a Girl into a SuperGirl

The point of BLitz Comic is to inspire artists to keep drawing and motivate non-comickers to become comic book readers. This is a story about how that actually happened! Mission partly accomplished.

So, recently my girlfriend has been showing more interest in going with me to comic shops. It's been totally unexpected (even considering that she's surrounded by comics and I never shut up about Blitz Comics), but I guess it was also inevitable.

Her interest is coming at a pretty good time. DC is launching their New 52 which is full of stories designed to hook new readers and get them interested in 'old' characters. What better time to get excited about comics!

We ended up hiking to one of the best comic shops in San Jose, Ca.!
Check out Hijinks Comics and Heroes Comic Books

We walked into Heroes, the Tardis like shop in Campbell, Ca. (it's bigger on the inside than it looks on the outside) and when we did, I loved that she instantly looked up at the ceiling. Why? Maybe she's expecting to see SuperGirl floating up there...(of course she denies this). I don't know exactly but it's really cute. I stood there and just watched her reaction to all the colors and images.

Then the questions started.

Like these ones...

  • "Who's that guy beating up Superman?" (it was Lex Luthor in a purple suit)
  • "What are you gonna buy?" (Justice League #2)
  • Oooooo, look! Catwoman is totally making out with Batman! Is that a good or bad thing?" (I dunno, read some panels)
  • Dude, are you REALLY gonna buy 7 comic books? (to which the answer is always 'yes')
  • Which one should I buy? Hey look! Ninja Turtles! (back to basics!)

After about 30 minutes of thumbing through some comics (yes, she even learned how to do that responsibly. No creasing, No pinching the spine and she let the book sit on her palm in a curve) she zeroed in on three top titles, all DC.

Of the three titles in her sights (Catwoman, Green Lantern, SuperGirl) she kept going back to SuperGirl #1. I left her there to soak in the art and the feel of the book but I kept my eye on her because it was like watching a really cute new Species being born on National Geographic.

After about 5 minutes she put SuperGirl back on the shelf and kept moving. She's a very meticulous researcher, so I figured she was at least on the right trail.

Another 10 minutes passed while she checked out some Catwoman #1 when I finally opened my yapper and asked her, "So what do you think of this place? Pretty crazy right?" And what happened next was pretty amazing.

She shushed me. :-) And not one of those long winded 'shushes' that seem forced. It was quick and dirty and I totally got the picture. Now that's a great feeling!

Right, I bet your still wondering what her first comic book purchase was. And when I say 'first' I mean EVER.

And her first comic book was.....

She walked out of Heroes Comic Books with SuperGirl #1 AND #2.

Smiling and excited she walked out with her new books. After carefully opening the car door we sat there as I looked on proudly as she slide her new books into their plastic sleeves. It was an amazing moment for me and I felt the world was a better place now that we had one more comic book reader.

Since that first time she's gone 3 more times just to see what's new. Plus she's dressing up as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Raphael for Halloween this year (see image).

Yes. You can congratulate her! Help keep her inspired to keep collecting. Let her know she isn't alone and that comic book fans are supportive of her addiction (ooops, I mean obsession).

Till next time...Remember, It's Better to Be Done!