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Tackling the next 24HCD Survival Guide v3.6

Well, it may not be 4.0 of BLitz Comics (yet) itself but we're talking about version 3.6 of the 24HCD Survival Guide and whatever else we can do to help comics creators who are blocked transition to DONE! We plan on overhauling the site, updating the Survival Guide, creating more events, and reformatting the event so we don't need to both spend 4 weeks preparing for a 4 hour boot camp. Onward is closer to DONE! -the Centaur

24 Hour Comics Day at Sunnyvale

Not quite used to blogging on Drupal, but I did a trip report on my aid mission to the 24 Hour Comics Day at Sunnyvale at my blog the Library of Dresan.

Remember, it's better to be done ... so keep working until you are! But it helps if your friends bring donuts.

-the Centaur


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